Revenue & Profit management

Financial Management Redefined


Reach all your Student Clients via all platforms

House Management

Keep Happy Clients and Satisfied Owner


Landscape, Architecture and Interior Design

Owned and Managing from A to Z

Chillax Student by Chillax Hospitality Pte Ltd own our properties and can manage your place form A to Z. We provide our Real Estate agents, Cleaner, Locksmith, Handyman, Builder, Renovators, Interior Designer and Architecture with the best Rate to create and maintain your house at the best condition.

All Team will provide all services for all areas to achieve your goal and complete your task in the timeline from the Start to Finish and We take 20% (Inc GST) of the net profits after all bills on monthly basis.

Optimizing a real estate asset for one purpose no longer works. Chillax Student’s biggest value to asset owners is our rapid adaptability. By being able to efficiently change with the times we cater to customer needs today, but adapt with agility to their needs tomorrow.

Chillax Student brings together the best in research, design, marketing, management, and Online technology to create greater value for each asset than if it were designed and managed with a single purpose.

We believe a holistic approach is the most logical way to futureproof an urban space.

Revenue & Profit management

Our Team will maximize your room rate upto the market trend. Negotiate your cost for hiring Professional that involving in running share accommodations for gaining the max Profit out of each properties you giving us.


We push the limits of modern design to create measurable operating efficiency. Seeing each asset as a living ecosystem, we protect our owners’ investments through continuously and precisely optimizing each space’s design.

House Management

Our Builders, Handyman, Locksmith, Cleaner and Other Professionals are all standby 24/7 just in case if your property need an urgent attention. All your houses will be in the excellent conditions at all time.


Our operations teams are intentionally diverse, combining tradition and innovation technique to place your house advertisement in all channels as well as Co-operating with local Real Estate Agent. We put your house into all platforms such as Facebook Ads, WeChat and also manually place your poster in all Universities campus.

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The result is a lean and high-performance team ready for any challenge.

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